When you’re in the right business you can go far: with a coach you can go further faster.

Why use a coach?
ask top athletes - ask top teams. A good coach will help you to clarify opportunities, remedy problems and make those improvements which will be most effective.

Who can be coached?
Coaching is provided for business owners, executives and senior management. Benefits for the business, according to the Industrial Society, include higher organisational performance/productivity and fuller use of individuals’ talents/potential.

What is business coaching?
The purpose of coaching is to help people become more effective. How a business develops is largely dependent on the attitudes and behaviours of the people in it, as well as their understanding of and performance within the business environment.

How will I coach you and your business?
I listen, I cheer you on and I encourage you to find the solutions that work for you. However I will also make suggestions and to request particular actions where needed.
I will use very structured analyses of the business, its environment and the key factors for your business success as appropriate. I will have available to me the resources of the worldwide foundation coaching organisation Coach-U.

How is coaching carried out?
An initial 3 month contract for weekly or fortnightly sessions. These may be by telephone or face to face. Sessions can be 15 min or 30 min as chosen by you. A review of progress after 3 months.


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