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With Sheelagh Keddie: Life Coach and Certified Sundoor Master Trainer

Take a break from business and family. Give yourself the gift of this one-day workshop. You deserve it!

  • Find your true values
  • make space in your life for yourself
  • connect with your creativity
  • make your own aromatherapy mix
  • celebrate your real self and get ready to live your life to the full


We all have a unique inner core of truth that we need to express - for our sakes, for those around us and the world. The Dalai Lama says 'inner peace leads to world peace'. So, during this day you will get in touch with those true values that form the basis of your purpose in life. You'll then start clearing away those things in you daily life that stop you expressing your true values. You'll recognise and celebrate the many gifts that we as women can offer. You'll make an aromatherapy mix for yourself to reflect your creativity and together, in a simple and powerful exercise, you'll acknowledge and celebrate each other. You'll leave lighter, stronger, clearer and having had fun.

This workshop forms part of the Living with Harmony Programme

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