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With Sheelagh Keddie, Life Coach and Certified Sundoor International Master and Jane Paul, Actress, Therapist and Certified Sundoor International Master

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony”
Mahatma Ghandi


Welcome to Connecting With Happiness.

  • See yourself through new eyes and fall in love with yourself.

  • Make a deeper and daily connection with Spirit and be inspired.

  • Let nature nurture you as you nurture nature

In this weekend we take a journey together that gives you ways of connecting with three vital elements of happiness – You, Spirit and Nature.

  • The weekend uses a wide variety of processes to bring you closer to yourself, rediscovering and celebrating your creativity, re-energising and healing, and reconnecting you with your purpose.

  • In connecting with Spirit we look at the difference between ritual, superstition and habit and how valuable and powerful ritual is. We then use rituals from different parts of the world to inspire us and give us guidance.

  • Without connection with Nature it is easy to become ungrounded, tense and irritable. Consciously connecting with Nature brings great peace and joy, calming our minds and gently putting things into perspective. We look at ways in which we can consciously connect with Nature and the part we play in looking after this planet.

Using a unique combination of worldwide wisdom and spiritual ceremonies, drama, movement and breathwork, Sheelagh and Jane will facilitate this workshop so that you can create greater contentment and happiness in your life. You will find the weekend empowering, liberating, enthusing and fun.

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